Monday, November 3, 2008

Untangling Fight Cycles

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, many conflicts between partners do not lead to resolution but rather to further pain and suffering and, ultimately, even marriage breakdown. Some couples think conflict is bad– some say they never fight. Maybe you’re thinking that you and your partner don’t fight. Maybe you don’t, but I’m sure you have differences. Although differences are healthy, it’s the way that they’re handled that is critical to the well-being of your relationship. Conflict can be productive or destructive. Conflict is destructive only when it creates ongoing tensions and emotional distress. Bad conflict can lead to physical and emotional injury and partners losing trust in each other. The more entrenched the conflict, the less chance we have of finding emotional intimacy

If you find your differences leading to conflict, you need to know that conflict can be productive! It can help us define ourselves. It can be productive when it helps us air problems, when we can develop tools for resolving it peacefully and creatively with our partners and arriving at workable solutions. It can lead to mutual growth and understanding in the relationship. It can help us to Recapture our Magic!

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